What Is The Radar Speed Detector?

- Jun 29, 2018-

What is the radar speed detector?


A radar speed detector is a device that detects a radar speedometer. It is installed in a car and can detect whether there is a radar speedometer within a certain distance. When the car is close to a radar speedometer, the “electronic dog” will issue a warning. The principle of the radar speed detector is very simple, that is, after receiving the radar signal, immediately alarm, prompting the owner to slow down.


Low-end radar speed detectors can often only sense radar waves in one frequency band, while high-end radar speed sensors can sense radar waves in multiple frequency bands. In addition, the proximity of the sensing distance also reflects the performance of radar speed detectors. If the sensing distance is too close, the vehicle owner has no time to slow down and it has already been photographed; if the speed is too slow, it may also cause a rear-end collision. High-end radar speed detectors can sense radar waves in about one kilometer, and the difference can only be sensed in about 200 meters.


Car Radar Laser Speed Camera Detector Full Band 360 Detection System Alarm Voice.jpgThe GPS radar speed detector is based on the full-range radar and adds the GPS positioning and early-warning system. The principle is based on the latitude and longitude data stored in advance with a fixed speed point or red light, and the GPS positioning will trigger an alarm when approaching the target point at a certain distance. . GPS radar speed detector not only can do speed radar alarm, but also can do electronic eye alarm for traffic lights; regardless of the electronic eye's monitoring method is to use radar, laser, or ground induction coil, GPS radar speed detector can alarm. Compared with the electronic dog, the electronic dog system must be equipped with a transmitter every time an electronic eye is added to the traffic control department; and the GPS radar speed detector needs only one additional landmark to be downloaded and updated on the Internet. The cost is low and the response is fast. Compared to radar speed detectors and electronic dog systems, GPS radar speed detectors can also determine the direction of the electronic eye, such as the opposite direction or cross direction of the electronic eye, it will not false alarm.