What Is The Origin Of Radar?

- Jun 15, 2018-

What is the origin of radar?


Radar, which means "radio detection and ranging", uses radio methods to find targets and determine their spatial location. Therefore, radar is also called "radio positioning." Radar is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic waves to detect a target. The radar emits electromagnetic waves that irradiate the target and receive its echoes, thereby obtaining information such as the distance from the target to the electromagnetic wave emission point, the distance change rate, azimuth and altitude.


Long Range Anti Police Speed Radar Detector For Cars.jpgThe emergence of the radar was due to the fact that during World War I, when Britain and Germany were at war, it was in urgent need of a radar capable of detecting metal objects in the air to help search for German aircraft in an anti-airstrike battle. During the Second World War, radar had already appeared radar technology for land-to-air, air-to-ground search bombing, air-to-air interception fire control, and enemy-identification. After World War II, radar developed single-pulse angle tracking, pulsed Doppler signal processing, synthetic aperture and pulse compression high-resolution, combined enemy-combat identification system, automatic fire control system with computer, terrain avoidance and terrain following, no New radar systems such as source or active phase arrays, frequency agility, multi-target detection and tracking.

Later, with the advancement of science in various fields such as microelectronics, and the continuous development of radar technology, its connotation and research content are constantly expanding. Radar detection methods have evolved from the previous radar-only one to infrared, ultraviolet, laser, and other optical detection methods. The simultaneous multi-functional capabilities of current radars allow battlefield commanders to scan targets in a variety of different search/track modes and automatically correct for interference errors, and most of the control functions are done internally in the system. Automatic target recognition allows the weapon system to play its role to the maximum. Integrated radar systems such as the AEW and JSTARS, which have the ability to identify enemy and myself in the battlefield, have actually become information control centers on the battlefield in the future.