What Are The Radar Classifications?

- Jun 22, 2018-

What are the radar classifications?


There are many kinds of radars and the classification methods are very complicated. General military radar. It can usually be classified according to the purpose of the radar, such as early warning radar, search warning radar, guidance and command radar, artillery sight radar, height measurement radar, battlefield surveillance radar, airborne radar, radio altimetry radar, radar fuse, weather radar, and navigation control radar. , navigation radar, collision avoidance and enemy-identity radar.


According to radar signal classification, there are pulse radar, continuous wave radar, pulse compression radar and frequency agile radar. According to the angle tracking mode, there are monopulse radar, cone scanning radar and concealed cone scanning radar. According to the parameters of the target measurement, there are altimetry radar, two-dimensional radar, three-dimensional radar, and enemy-used radar, multi-station radar, and so on. According to radar technology and signal processing methods, there are coherent accumulation and non-coherent accumulation, moving target display, moving target detection, pulse Doppler radar, synthetic aperture radar, edge scanning edge tracking radar. According to the antenna scanning method, it is classified into mechanical scanning radar and phased array radar. According to radar frequency bands, it can be divided into over-the-horizon radar, microwave radar, millimeter-wave radar, and laser radar.


Car Wireless Bluetooth Remote Radar Detector With Jammer Hidden 16-Band 360° Police Radar Tracker English Russian Voice With GPS.jpgAmong them, phased array radar, also known as phased array radar, is a radar that changes the direction of the radar wave by changing the phase of the radar wave. Because it controls the beam electronically rather than the traditional mechanical rotation of the antenna, it is also called electronic scanning. Radar phased array technology has appeared since the late 1930s. In 1937, the United States first began this research work. However, only two practical shipboard phased array radars were developed until the mid-1950s. In the 1980s, phased array radars have been further applied due to their unique advantages. The multi-phased phased array radar is used in a new generation of medium- and long-range air defense guided missile systems that have been equipped and are being developed. It has become an important symbol of the third-generation medium- and long-range air defense missile weapon systems. As a result, the combat performance of the air defense missile weapon system has been greatly improved. In the 21st century, with the continuous development of science and technology and the characteristics of modern war weapons, phased array radars will have a higher level of manufacturing and research.