Types Of Radar Detector

- May 05, 2017-

(1) Full frequency anti-velocimetry radar

The full frequency anti-velocimetry radar is a vehicle equipment which is accompanied by a large number of use of radar velocimetry, and the velocity of the measured object is obtained according to the calculation of the frequency shift of reflected wave. At present, the radar speedometer is widely used in urban traffic, mainly used to measure whether the car is speeding, divide fixed and flow two kinds, fixed installation at bridge or crossroads (fixed speed of the number of such a small amount of way) flow of general installation on patrol vehicles.

(2) GPS electronic dogs

At present, about 80%% of the world's city speed measurement adopts the pressure-sensing coil method, this method is to bury the inductive coil on the pavement and calculate the speed by calculating the time of the vehicle through the coil. There is a small number of more advanced multi-channel continuous shooting speed, these methods do not emit radar waves, the first full-frequency radar can not detect the electron eye speed.

(3) GPS radar Electronic Dog

GPS full-frequency anti-velocimetry radar will be the first two kinds of anti-speed radar to combine the function of the fixed radar speed, accurate forecasting, can also predict the flow velocity, a comprehensive solution to the first two types of products. This kind of anti-speed radar can be divided into two kinds, one is a posture, the performance is relatively stable, the installation is simpler, the disadvantage is that the need to close the wind glass placement, indoor machine is larger. At present, the product is more visible on the market: the Conqueror of Taiwan VP2000, conqueror GM760, Antarctic star 668, the Antarctic star 860, the Prophet FX, the Prophet VX, the Prophet T1000 and so on.