The Traffic Recorder So Important Why Can't Be The Standard Configuration Of The Car Factory?

- May 05, 2017-

In fact, we have not found a problem, the automotive field of electronic products, usually than the consumer electronics products behind a period. For example, when the consumer class generally uses the CD player, the car is still a tape drive, and when the consumer is widely used MP3, the car will start to use CDs. This phenomenon is actually related to the time history of automobile manufacturing. A new cars, from the beginning of the R & D design, to the later prototype test run, and then to a variety of tests such as road test, collision testing, then on the announcement, and then push the market, no 3-5 years is impossible to complete, some models even take 10 years. and consumer electronics products, basically one years of the same, the time lag is caused by the car's electronic products are always more than consumer electronics products behind several years. Also caused a variety of automotive electronic parts of the hot market, such as the last few years inserted in the cigarette in the MP3 player, through FM launch and then in the car to accept the radio, so that users feel very awkward but can only choose this product.