The Practicability Of 24h Parking Monitoring Of Vehicle Recorder?

- May 05, 2017-

When we use the car, in the avoidance of loss, the need for several core functions are: 1. Driving state, the occurrence of accidents in the time of responsibility, the main role is the proof of the accident, can avoid the reversal of the main body of responsibility, to avoid the occurrence of collision porcelain no evidence of blackmail 2. Non-driving state, accidentally rubbed, zoned car, man-made damage to the vehicle caused damage, tracing the occurrence of the process, looking for the responsible person, reduce the loss of 3. No suitable parking location is found, time to leave, be violated to stop the sticker, causing the penalty loss these are very reasonable demand, then the implementation to the car, ideally, is supposed to have 24 hours, panoramic, intelligent monitoring, and can be very intelligent early warning and the timing of the event effective video, filter invalid video