The Narrow Concept Of Electronic Dogs

- May 05, 2017-

The narrow-sense electronic dog refers to the early wireless emission and reception principle of the anti-velocimetry product. This electronic dog is precisely the wireless signal receiver, than the principle and cost of radio is simple, usually the manufacturer will be laid in advance of the transmitter in the fixed camera 300 to 1000 meters, as long as the road section of the vehicle is equipped with a voice-based early warning machine, can receive the warning signal. Because of relying on the receiver vendors to bury the transmitter signal, only in the manufacturers buried in the area used. Insiders also known as "Mad Dog Fake" and "radish Machine", as the name implies, is like pulling the carrot. This kind of P-frequency electronic dog, just give Che You a psychological consolation, no actual effect.

The disadvantages of this product are more obvious, first, embedded in the launcher to the regular battery replacement, this is a troublesome work, manufacturers have been increasingly reluctant to do this work, the transmitter does not have batteries to work, this is also some early buyers feel more and more difficult to use. Second, because of the change of road, the fierce competition of business, the manufacturers destroy each other's transmitters, early warning machine will not produce alarm at all, will bring enormous losses to consumers, so be particularly careful of such merchandise. In addition, the use of radio frequency in our country needs to undergo the approval of the Committee, but P-frequency has not been approved, so will be the non-commissioned detection vehicle detection, can be banned or interfered at any time.