GPS Remote Monitoring Vehicle Specification

- May 05, 2017-

April 21, Shenzhen launched a one-month-long bus operation order special rectification action to further standardize the Shenzhen public transport vehicle Operation Order and the protection of public transport vehicles road right. Recently, the Shenzhen Bus Group carried out the public transport operation Order persuasion action, safeguard the rectification action further implementation.

It is learnt that the Shenzhen bus group has stepped up the control of science and technology, the perfect combination of bus video surveillance and GPS positioning, the realization of GPS remote monitoring, the road black spots, safety speed, drivers and other standards are included in the video surveillance content. Bus Group Two branches for a 10-day "gentle encouragement, happy implementation" public transport operation order Persuasion action, the company will arrange for the peak in the train station, Merlin shut, Bujiban and other 13 large passenger traffic site, the licensing incentives to persuade driving people civilized driving, abide by the operating order.

Bus Group Four branch launched the bus civilized traffic norms, including the adoption of plainclothes and car, video capture, on-site investigation and other methods, the social vehicles of the bus stop, occupy public traffic, such as the road, and public transport violations of illegal, non-comity zebra crossing, not according to the stipulation dock, illegal change road, Vietnam station, dangerous driving and other behaviors to investigate, has achieved good results. In addition, the Bus Group Four branch has carried out the "Happy Bus Carnival" series.