Dynamic Monitoring Of Business Vehicle Mounted GPS

- May 05, 2017-

Using GPS information technology to manage the public vehicle, to avoid "Hinghan" by the administrative system, the public and transparent of the "three public" funds are made by the inspection safeguard system, which is the unique practice of restraining the "Four Winds" in the mass line educational practice.

Recently, a number of provincial media reporters collectively interviewed the courtyard, focusing on its management "secrets" and results.

Soft Technology hardening management system

The informationization construction of the people's Procuratorate in Shenzhen has always been ahead of the lead, the case management system, the litigation supervision system, the "two-law" convergence system and other information platforms in strengthening the legal supervision, promoting fairness and justice play a positive and powerful role. The Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Attorney-General Cao Jianming, has been known as the "Shenzhen mode" of the inspection information. In curbing the "Four Winds", its information technology superiority has also issued the power.

On the "Four Winds" work, the city Procuratorate has modified 11 systems, the new development of 8 systems. In the interview, the director of the Institute of Education, Liu Hanjun said, the city Procuratorate is the practice of soft technology hardening management system, the paper on the provisions of the day-to-day handling of the case, process, reduce arbitrary.

In a conference room, reporters through the large screen to watch the Staff demonstration board meeting system, government affairs management system and other information systems, deeply information platform to the system implementation of the rigidity of the role.

Take the administrative system for example, prior to the leadership and departments, between departments and departments, Wen Communications to all VIP sent to people, but now all the on-line circulation, greatly improved efficiency. Online "Walking" documents, in the length, quality and format are required, do not meet the requirements will be returned.