Which vehicles need to install positioning system

- May 05, 2017-

Travel of private vehicles

Car GPs can be in a completely unfamiliar environment through the path to guide and planning the system, to find the right line of travel, inquiries into the needs of their hotels, car parks and other information.

Vehicle anti-theft Surveillance

A vehicle positioning system will emit a sound and light signal when it is launched illegally. Deter criminals, remind others of the theft of vehicles; the vehicle system will notify owners and traffic centers of stolen warning information, and display the vehicle position in the central console, so that police officers can find stolen vehicles in the shortest possible time, and captured the criminals.

Hospital 120 First Aid

In the field of medical care, the use of vehicle positioning system to make ambulances the shortest time to arrive at the scene.

Freight Logistics Vehicle Management

The vehicle can adjust the driving route dynamically through the GPS positioning system, and the dispatching center is able to locate and track the vehicle position in real time by means of the road song tube car treasure vehicle Positioning System.

Dispatching and management of public transport vehicles

By using GPS vehicle monitoring system to supervise and manage the bus vehicles, we can adjust the train and improve the operation efficiency of the bus, and get rid of the backward condition of bus dispatch according to the dynamic traffic information.