What is the basic content of radar?

- Jul 13, 2018-

What is the basic content of radar?


Long Range Anti Police Speed Radar Detector For Cars.jpgThere are many types of radars, and the methods of classification are also very complicated. According to the structure, it can be divided into single-base, bi-base, and multi-base. The information obtained can usually be angled, timed, and frequencyd. From the antenna type, it can be generally divided into mechanical scanning, passive array, active array, digital array, and more advanced digital beamforming, distributed co-location and other new technical forms.

From the signal pattern emitted by it, it can be generally divided into common signal patterns such as continuous wave, frequency modulated continuous wave, pulse, chirp, and new signal patterns such as frequency hopping, coding, intrapulse modulation, ultra-wideband, and OFDM.

In addition to conventional processing methods such as correlation and non-correlation processing, signal processing technology includes space-time adaptive, multiple-input multiple-output, synthetic aperture, synthetic pulse and aperture, and adaptive cognitive radar signal processing based on artificial intelligence. technology. The radar function has also evolved from a single function to a multi-tasking, multi-function radar system. The devices used in radar have also evolved from GaAs, GaN, SiGe devices.

The main applications of radar are surveillance, air control, fire control, ground moving target detection, imaging mapping, navigation and guidance, meteorology, wall penetration, perimeter security, law enforcement, sports and so on.