The two special vehicles will install GPS

- May 05, 2017-

This newspaper (reporter Liu Yang) The first steam company disclosed yesterday that all the two national vehicles this year are equipped with GPS system, will provide real-time intelligent monitoring of conference traffic management, improve operational efficiency, minimize the impact of the Conference fleet on urban Road traffic.

It is understood that the first steam the two sessions of a total of 12 stations equipped with the size of the vehicle 403, including FAW Crown, Audi and other 150 vehicles is the first steam to serve the two sessions and invest more than 60 million yuan new purchased, the rest of the vehicle's age also only one years or so. In order to prevent vehicle failures, the first steam also prepared a separate 39 backup vehicles, but also strictly selected 442 high-quality business, driving experienced drivers for the two sessions of service.

Yesterday, the first steam two branches Wang Jinbiao Master came to the company's car park early in the morning, the company sent to each car Fuwa "Huanhuan" and "yingying" put the front windshield. "This year to bring the Fuwa as representatives, members of the service, they will be happy." "The 20th time for the national two sessions of the service of Wang Jinbiao said, this is the first steam specially for attending the NPC representatives of the CPPCC."