Method of choosing GPS Positioning System

- May 05, 2017-

1, product stability. To consider the choice of anti-electromagnetic interference strong, stable performance of GPs products. Bump into the vehicle, high temperature, electromagnetic interference, in the car environment less than the situation, will affect the operation of GPs.

2, select Operator. Consider choosing a robust and sustainable network operator to prevent network coverage from being too small or failing to receive reliable follow-up services due to corporate failures.

3, resolution module level. The GPS module is divided into two levels, the civil and the industrial level. Industrial-grade module has stable performance and relatively expensive price; the civil-level module is less adaptable to the environment, but the price is relatively inexpensive. Consumers should consider cost-effective.

4, Safe energy transportation. The energy consumption of GPS is larger, should be set up to the GPS power supply, prevents the electrical frequency instability due to the ordinary power supply in the inferior environment, causes the circuit burnout fault to occur. The car connected with the power flow is large, the ordinary connection line easily burned, the quality of the connecting line is better to ensure reliable security.

5. Aesthetics of products. GPS products are generally concealed installation, but high-end products usually accompanied by car phone (handle), buy also to consider whether the handle is stylish, shape is beautiful, with the front bezel and interior color coordination and other factors.