Car theft is monitored by satellite, GPS has many gods?

- May 05, 2017-

Stole someone else's car, did not expect the police to descend from the sky, this is how the matter? Originally, the Thief was betrayed by the GPS in the car. At the same time, reporters from the cross-tube department to understand, the application of GPS is more and more extensive, Nanjing DMV also has a special remote monitoring center, through satellite positioning monitoring system, can monitor buses, dangerous goods vehicles, school buses, slag vehicles and other key vehicles every move, can track the vehicle transport trajectory, even speeding the car will be directly alerted.

The stolen car was betrayed by the GPS.

Recently, Dachang residents of Wei a cargo forklift truck was stolen, with the help of the GPS positioning device forklift truck, only in 36 hours, Chemical Park Police station in the West factory gate police stations will be successful suspect Liu MoU arrested. Wei a certain said, because the forklift has been stolen, he specially gave the forklift installed GPS device, and the device display oneself forklift truck parked in a rural area. Police came to the site with plainclothes, and found that there were a forklift trucks stuck in the mud. A workers at the nearby site told the police, the forklift is a mask of men, when the man pulled the forklift into the mud open, find him borrowed three bags of fertilizer pressure on the front end of the forklift but did not come out, and then he opened a Santana came over and dragged and did not succeed, the last man left. Police believe that the suspect back to the more likely to get the forklift truck, the night will endure the hot weather and tired of squatting near the mud, but for days have nothing. A few days later, Wei a call to civilian police said forklift trajectory is moving in the direction of the provinces, the police immediately lead the crew and Wei a rendezvous, follow the GPS trajectory tracking, eventually in the province of a town to Liu a line of three people stopped, at this time they are unloading forklift truck from the truck.