Application and future development of GPs in automotive industry

- May 05, 2017-

At present the market has a variety of brand GPS locator, product prices ranging from dozens of to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the function of the product is varied. In fact, GPS Locator is also divided into vehicle positioning terminals and personal positioning tracker. GPS on-board terminal is installed in the car with GPS reception equipment, it can receive the location information in real time to the owner's mobile phone or enterprise/Traffic Department monitoring platform, can be very convenient to achieve a variety of functions, such as positioning, monitoring, alarm, lock car, oil-breaking power, electronic fencing, in the present is widely used in logistics vehicles, taxis, buses, buses, engineering vehicles, private cars and other fields.

GPS monitoring is a technology that combines GPS technology, wireless communication Technology (GSM/GPRS/CDMA), image processing technology and GIS technology for remote real-time monitoring of mobile people, pets, vehicles and equipment. It is in our country's application history is not long, said short is not short, below us to fine count.

In the "Twelve-Five" period, satellite navigation in many areas such as aviation, sea, railways, construction, telecommunications, electricity and other applications has a great development. From the snowstorm of 2008 to 2012 rumors of the end of the world, GPS vehicle positioning system has been used and developed by people, and with the improvement of information technology, more and more powerful functions. GPS vehicle Monitoring system can effectively improve the informatization level of the enterprise, and greatly facilitate the collection and transmission of the goods and the information of the vehicle. Realizing the information network within the enterprise, through the combination of communication technology and computer technology and graphic image technique, the effective tracking of vehicle and cargo is realized, the change of static dispatching is real-time dynamic dispatch, and the transportation process is transparent, and the efficiency and economic benefit of the enterprise are improved.